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iBlog 9: Blogging, Improving, Achieving

iBlog 9: Blogging, Improving, Achieving
I’ve been taking down notes the whole time, a way of documenting the 9th iBlog Summit held at the Malcolm Hall, UP College of Law last May 31 and June 1. My steno notebook has been very helpful in keeping both blog and untold stories, live music skeds and dirty scribbles. It’s making my stories come to life, definitely cheaper than an iPad and has higher memory capacity than mine.
iBlog happiness is what I felt on my second year of attending the summit and be able to learn more about the craft, blogging. How do I define iBlog happiness? It was seeing my name on the iBlog ID, signing my name on the attendance sheet, folding my cold arms in the conference room while learning things for free, getting to know more of the people behind the numerous online journals, pushing myself to speak infront of many people while battling stage fright, leaning on a comfy chair while listening to all the bloggers’ introductions and free advertisements, having a photo at last with the mother of the Philippines’ E-Commerce Law, Ms. Janette Toral and winning an iBlog shirt twice (yes, It’s like winning a million prize). That’s just a few that I want to put on record. In this iBlog community, we are united and we all belong, so much to be thankful for.
The annual iBlog summit was  an awesome 2-day meet-up of the Philippine blogging community where speakers tackled an interesting blog topic allowing an interaction among the audience after through asking relevant questions and stating views and opinions. It will soon celebrate its 10th year which we’re all excited about.
List below are the most remembered topics:
1. Ben Francia’s effective content marketing and love for goldfish.
2. How blogging must tell a story by Jonel Uy.
3. Knowing what you can do best in working with brands by Jeoffrey Solas.
4. Jonha Revesencio’s reminder about bloggers site are not extension of any corporate blogs. It’s the nfluence which gets people into action.
5. An idealistic and impressive pitch by Angel Bombarda as she tackles about Bantay.ph’s demand for good governance and fight against corruption.
6. Janette Toral’s personal business model canvass and on how people must fall in love with your story.
7. Jason Cruz said invest to learn. I appreciate his effort to speak his native language.
8. How the art of quoting gives credibility to an article by Arvin Ello.
9. Carlo Angelo Gonzales’ love affair with social media.
10. Jay Agonoy’s how writing unique post can avoid redundancy.
Mark Madrona has a politically fun talk. Atty. JJ Disini also shared an enlightening talk about the Data Privacy Act, legalities and how to get out of trouble online. Video below by pinoyscreencast.

After listening to them, I believed that I’m more prepared for the battle. Yet it all boils down to applying the things I’ve learned and make room for improvements. We are a work in progress and learning from mistakes was a part of the training. iBlog summit isn’t only a venue where you get to know things about blog but also you get to find out how to do it right. “I will never get tired of learning,” that’s what I’ve told myself.
For me, blogging is also like music, it needs lyrics, melody and people who will listen to it. And as I write and feature music on my blog, it will always be where you can find your favorite music and artist emotions onstage through my voice which will give further story on it. I chose to be an influencer who will continue to campaign for music and OPM until my dying days, hopefully.
And now is the time to act and step-up to the challenge. I will be pushing for VerJube Photographics dotcom this year and I’m hoping to establish those 3 big and competitive R’s (Reach, Relevance and Resonance), please continue to support us. To focus on our goals and aspirations will lead the way to success.
Hey Like VerJube Photographics on Facebook and also Like iBlog on Facebook! The community is looking forward to #iBlog10, how awesome is that? Congratulations iBlog on the successful decade of thought leadership!
In iBlog community, it’s not always about serious things, we make it a point to enjoy simple things like doing the Gwiyomi. Cool! Video below by Louie Sison.

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*iBlog group pic above courtesy of iBlog.

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