Friday, April 6, 2012

3 Stars and a Sun…And Sex

3 Stars and a Sun…And Sex:
The Mocha Girls and I were so proud of our 2012 calendar. Like our 3rd album, the concept was to pay tribute to Filipino women. Filipinas are considered as among the most beautiful women of the world.   They are the “ideal woman”of most men because of their extraordinary beauty and attitude. Filipinas are family-oriented and will strive hard to keep her family intact. Our country is a nation of strong women.
To show some PINAY pride, we decided to use the Philippine Flag symbols as body paint for our calendar. Apparently, once again, this caught the attention of the NHI (National Historical Institute). An official said we were setting a bad example to the youth because we’re TOO SEXY.
Bad example? It really pisses me off every time I hear this accusation from hypocrites. We may be sexy but we are NOT promoting sex. We are promoting SAFE SEX. We are educating the youth to protect themselves. That it’s OK to use condom contrary to what the church says. Sex EXISTS and it’s more STUPID not to talk about it. One of my followers tweeted me and he said that the priests are preaching that masturbation is a sin. Of course it’s NOT! It’s a natural sexual behavior! Everyone does it, including our priests! Masturbation or solo sex is the safest form of sex.  If you don’t like it, then stop it. In order for the youth to be guided accordingly about their sexuality, there should be a separation of church and sex. We need CREDIBLE Professional Sexuality Educators! Attention Mr. President! Stop “NOYNOYING” and Pass the RH BILL NOW before it’s too late!
Anyway,here’s the behind-the-scene video from our 2012 calendar. Thanks to the the award-winning and international renowned photographer Mr. Lito Sy for this wonderful shoot. (Body paint by: Knicolai Mendoza)
                                                           MOCHA GIRLS 3rd ALBUM